Computer FAQ

Where Do You Service Computers?
I can head to your place, or bring your machine back to mine. Either way works. If you like, we can also look at systems or parts locally at whatever retailers you want. It's really your choice!

Do You Service PCs or Macs?
Yes! I do both. I can also do things such as help you dual-boot, or run Windows on your Mac, too. I'll even install Linux on a system if you want. However, if you plan to run Linux you probably are just as much of a geek as I am and don't need my help anyway...

Do You Build Custom Systems?
Sure do.  I've done it many times in the past for family and friends, and I can do it for you too.  The nice part of a custom system is that you get almost any look you desire with the exact specs you want.  I'll work with you to pick out and assemble components to create the custom build of your dreams.  
Math FAQ

What Ages Do You Teach?
I've taught from as young as ten or so on up. I'll teach anyone of any age.

What Level of Math Do You Teach?
Everything on up through Calculus II.  That includes high-school and college Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Pre-Calc and Calc up through some of the more trickier integrals.  If you need help with Calculus III, Differential Equations, or Linear Algebra... sorry. They're not my strongest subjects and I just haven't used them since my college days.

Where Do You Teach?
Where would you like to learn? It can be your place, a local coffee shop or eatery, or anywhere you think we can reasonably talk some math. It's up to you!

Still have a question?  Email me and ask!
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